Take action to show the Minister of Health we need more palliative care doctors and nurses


In response to our campaign, the NSW Government has announced a $100 million funding boost for palliative care over the next four years!

This is a significant injection of new funds that will help meet the palliative care needs of so many more people living with terminal and advanced cancer across NSW.  

It's also a testament to the power of the CanAct community. We're a network of over 26,000 community advocates with the passion and the power to change what politicians do about cancer. When we campaign together we make a real difference for people living with cancer and their families. 

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When our loved ones are diagnosed with a terminal illness they deserve the best possible care and support. 

But, right now, that’s not possible because there's a shortage of specialist palliative care in NSW.

There aren’t enough palliative care doctors and nurses to meet the needs of the NSW community and Aboriginal people can’t access culturally appropriate palliative care.

That’s just not good enough. We need the NSW Government to fund an additional 139 doctors and nurses and to meet the palliative care needs of Aboriginal communities.

Over the past ten years the CanAct community has successfully campaigned to introduce smoke free outdoor dining, ban sun beds and solaria, and abolish chemotherapy co-payments. Now it’s time for us to improve palliative care too.

Take action now to tell the NSW Government to end the palliative care shortage!


For more information about our palliative care campaign please click here.


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