Saving Life 2019 Resources

To support CanAct Leaders to deliver the Saving Life 2019 campaign across NSW, we've produced a number of resources, as below. Over the course of the campaign we'll upload additional items as developed. If there's a resource that you think would be valuable but isn't here, please email to make a request. 


> Our campaign
> Campaign videos
> Campaign planning
> Campaign actions
> Engaging with MPs
> Organising Events
> Media and communications
> Planning for Change 2018 - presentations

Our campaign

Saving Life 2019: NSW Election Priorities [PDF 1.3Mb]

Frequently Asked Questions:
Smoke-free environments [PDF 38kb]
Tobacco retail [PDF 39kb]
Lymphoedema [PDF 44kb]
Junk food advertising [PDF 41kb]

Campaign videos

Increase funding for public lymphoedema services

Note: More videos coming soon...

Campaign planning

Campaign plan summary [PDF 49kb]
Campaign resources template - what do we have? [Word 14kb] 
Campaign actions template - what will we do? [Word 14kb]
Campaign tasks template - how will we do it? [Word 14kb]

Campaign actions

What makes a good campaign action [PDF 38kb]
Launching your local campaign [PDF 41kb]
Collecting postcards [PDF 48kb]
Saving Life forums [PDF 320kb]

Engaging with MPs

Getting to know your MP [PDF 59kb]
Seeking commitments from MPs [PDF 42kb]
Daffodil Day sites (August 24) [PDF 18kb]
Request Electorates by priority
Request MP Profiles

Organising events

Event planning template [Word 195kb]
Event invitation template [Word 2.3Mb]
Guidelines for Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country [PDF 28kb]
Campaign poster with crop marks [PDF 170kb]
Campaign poster_no crop marks [PDF140kb]
Campaign poster_with crop marks [PDF 170kb]

Note: Poster has been designed at A4 size but can be printed at larger sizes if required

Media and communications

Letter to MP template [Word 194kb]
Invitation Letter to MP for Daffodil Day template [Word 360kb]
Campaign letterhead template [Word 220kb]
Media Guide [56kb] includes Key Messages
Media Release template - Launches [Word 110kb]
Media Release template - Collecting Postcards [Word 103kb]

Planning for Change 2018 - presentations

Our Election Priorities [PDF 1Mb]
Our Campaign [PDF 1.2Mb]
Our Local Planning [PDF 685 kb]

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