More Aboriginal workers in cancer services

Across NSW, Aboriginal people are more likely to have their cancer diagnosed later, receive less active treatment, and have poorer long term cancer outcomes than non-Aboriginal people.

Many Aboriginal people are reluctant to access a cancer service and to complete their treatment because of a lack of cultural safety, inadequate support and an unwelcoming environment.

But, together, we can turn this around.    

Strengthening the Aboriginal health workforce across all health professions is critical to improving services and closing the gap in cancer outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. 

Our Goal

When Aboriginal people go to a cancer service in NSW they have access to Aboriginal staff for clinical care, and support, if they choose.

What's the solution?

Right now, the NSW Government is reviewing Good Health Great Jobs which is the framework that sets targets for the employment of Aboriginal people in health services. It’s due to be released in early 2016. 

The current version of Good Health Great Jobs doesn’t create opportunities for Aboriginal people to be employed in cancer services specifically. But the next version of Good Health Great Jobs could—and should—do so. 

What can you do?

Contact your MP today to let them know that you care about closing the gap in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in NSW and look forward to the next version of Good Health Great Jobs including targets for the employment of more Aboriginal staff in cancer services specifically. If you’re unsure how to contact your MP you can access their contact details via the NSW Parliament website. You can also share the briefing paper below with your MP.

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