Resources for Cancer Action Networks

To support members of our Cancer Action Networks across NSW, we've produced a number of resources. If there's a resource that you think would be valuable but isn't here, please email [email protected] to make a request. 


> Agendas and minutes
> Networks and minutes
> Facilitators
> Sample documents
> Towards 2019 Workshop



Agendas and minutes

Guidelines to setting the perfect meeting agenda [PDF 40kb]
Guidelines to taking good minutes [PDF 44kb]

Networks and meetings

Checklist for good governance [PDF 58kb]
Communication skills for good meetings [PDF 47kb]
Consensus decision making [PDF 58kb]
Six stages of a meeting [53kb]
The 4 Ps of effective meetings [PDF 63kb]


Dealing with challenging situations in meetings [PDF 45kb]
Tips for chairs and facilitators [PDF 88kb]

Sample documents

Terms of reference [Word 137kb]
Volunteer job assignment - CAN Facilitator [Word 60kb]
Volunteer job assignment - CAN Member [Word 61kb]
Agenda [Word 104kb]
Minutes - sample 1 [Word 111kb]
Minutes - sample 2 [Word 103kb]
Campaign briefing paper [Word 102kb]
Campaign scoping paper [Word 109kb]
Campaign plan [Word 98kb]
Action plan for building you CAN [Word 66kb]
Tactic selection [Word 62kb]

Towards 2019 - Building Stronger CANs

World Cafe - group notes from session [PDF 98kb]
- Ideas for growing your group and retaining people in your CAN 


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