Protecting the community from electronic cigarettes

We all want to protect the children in our lives and with growing concerns around e-cigarettes our CanAct Community knew it was time to act. Our message was simple: until more is known about e-cigarettes, and any claims of their merit are proven, they should be treated like tobacco under the legislation.

Early in 2015 the NSW Minister for Health moved quickly to ban the sales of e-cigarettes to minors, but it wasn't until other political parties and community and health groups applied pressure that the NSW Government announced further protections. 

On June 2015, the NSW Parliament voted to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and to restrict the promotion and advertising of e-cigarettes in line with tobacco products, including:

  • no in-store displays so e-cigarettes have to be sold from closed cabinets;
  • no mobile  and pop-up e-cigarette vendors;
  • no free samples, shopper loyalty programs and promotions that include prizes or gifts; and
  • no sponsorship that promotes e-cigarettes.

Many CanAct members from across NSW called and wrote to their local MPs urging them to take action. Without these efforts, we wouldn't have achieved these reforms. There's always more to do, especially since e-cigarettes can still be used indoors where smoking isn't allowed. But this is a great start stemming tobacco industry tactics and protecting our community from e-cigarettes.  

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