Improving access to treatment for regional and rural communities

For our health system to work for us all, everyone needs to be able to access the treatment and care they need regardless of where they live. That's why we've campaigned with our community to increase travel and accommodation subsidies for those who need to travel for treatment. 

Since March 2006, Labor and Coalition state governments have made improvements to the Isolated Patients Transport and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS). This includes increasing the petrol and accommodation subsidies available and the process and turn around on patient applications for reimbursement. 

Early changes were secured by the Less Distance for Assistance Coalition consisting of Cancer Council NSW, Country Women's Association and NSW Farmer's Federation, along with various other health groups. The coalition generated over 11,000 postcards of support from people across NSW. Over all these years, members of the CanAct Community have kept this issue on our politician's radar by meeting to discuss their concerns and call for change.

These changes have gone a long way to relieving some of the financial and emotional burden for cancer patients and their carers who need to travel for treatment.


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