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On 12 June the NSW Government announced a $100 million funding boost over four years for palliative care services. This announcement is a very good step as substantial funding for palliative care in NSW is so desperately needed. We are pleased to see the Government taking action in this regard and congratulate them on their action and positive funding commitment.

This is a significant investment and an indication of the strength of the community campaign to ensure that those who need palliative care can get it – when and where they need it. Thank you to our CanAct Community for the role they have played in the I Care for Palliative Care campaign. Read more about the NSW Government announcement.

When our loved ones are in the final stages of their cancer journey, they deserve the best possible care and support. 

But, right now, that’s not possible because there's a shortage of specialist palliative care in NSW.

There aren’t enough palliative care doctors and nurses to meet the needs of the NSW community and Aboriginal people can’t access culturally appropriate palliative care.


Ensure that every person with a life-limiting cancer who needs specialist palliative care has access to it, when they need it, wherever they live in NSW.

What's the solution?

We urgently need to increase the availability of specialist palliative care in NSW. The NSW Government must fund an extra 10 specialist palliative physicians, at a minimum; another 129 palliative care nurses; and culturally appropriate palliative care services for Aboriginal people.

What can you do?

We need to leave the NSW Government in no doubt that our loved ones deserve the best possible care and support during their cancer journey. Please take the pledge to urge the NSW Government to to fund more palliative physicians and specialist palliative nurses and more Aboriginal focused services in NSW.

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