Protecting Children from Tobacco

We all want our children to grow up healthy and happy and that’s why we worked hard to get cigarettes out of sight in shops and bring in a range of other laws designed to protect our children.

In 2009 it became an offence to smoke in a car with a child present and for cigarettes and other tobacco products to be on display in retail outlets. Our CanAct Community played a critical role in making this happen by contributing almost half of the 12,000 submissions received by the NSW Government. Three CanAct members also spoke at the NSW Parliament public forum and 36 CanAct members contacted all of Cabinet over 8 days to urge them to support the legislation designed to help protect our kids.  

These changes mean generations of children will not be exposed to walls of tobacco products in shops and all across NSW our children will be better protected from harm from cigarettes. 


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