We've put together some information and tools to help you campaign on issues that you care about. Click on the links below to learn more...

The power of telling your story

By telling a story that explains why you care, you can bring your issue alive and win the hearts and minds of politicians and other decision makers. Read more.

Effective campaigning

A useful guide to help navigate you through the various campaign stages. Read more.

Advocating to government

Whatever level of government you may be advocating to, it’s important to have a basic understanding of our system of government in Australia. Here are some contacts, with helpful links to more information to get you on your way. Read more.

Getting to know your Member of Parliament

Building a relationship with your Member of Parliament (or MP) is crucial if you want your issue to get attention. But where do you start? Read more.

MP and Candidate Feedback Form

Have you recently had a meeting with your local member of Parliament or candidate for office? Please complete the Feedback Form and let us know how it went. Click here.

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