Thanks for supporting Saving Life 2019 – this campaign has now concluded.

Launched in July 2018, the Saving Life 2019 pre-election campaign called on the next NSW Government to commit to reduce the impact of cancer in our communities by:

  • protecting workers and patrons from second-hand smoke in pubs and clubs;
  • removing tobacco vending machines and introducing a tobacco retail licence fee;
  • removing junk food advertising from government owned property; and,
  • funding public lymphoedema services across NSW.

During the eight month campaign there were many highlights including:

  • 16,193 people making their voices heard by signing our campaign postcards or online pledge;
  • CanAct members and Cancer Council staff meeting with MPs and candidates more than 230 times, covering 85% of the 93 electorates in the state;
  • More than 200 pieces of media, including state-wide newspaper, TV, radio and regional coverage on our campaign issues; and,
  • MPs and candidates participating in 17 local forums across NSW to listen and respond to community stories about our issues.

This extraordinary activity is testament to the support and power of our 40,000 strong CanAct community. Whilst neither of the major parties made firm commitments based on our campaign asks, we have held encouraging discussions prior to the election and there are important opportunities in the near future to engage government and continue our advocacy. There’s no question that our collective efforts have made NSW politicians aware of the evidence and community support for our issues. 

If you would like to be part of our CanAct Community, join today. When we campaign together we make a real difference for people living with cancer and their families.

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