Keeping our children safe from the sun at school

We all want our children to be safe – including when we’re not around to look after them. That’s why our CanAct Community worked hard to ensure that the NSW Department of Education was providing the best possible student sun protection guidance to schools across NSW. We wanted to support principals and teachers to do all they could to protect their students, and our children.



A year after we launched our campaign the Government issued updated and comprehensive guidelines, a great improvement on the previous guidelines that had not been updated since 1997 and still referenced SPF15+ sunscreen. During the campaign, CanAct Community members met with MPs over 70 times about the issue and engaged over 2,000 people across NSW in our Chalk Your Support photo petition calling on the Minister for Education to update the guidelines. The updated guidelines mean principals and teachers can be more effective in reducing the risk of skin cancer later in life, for children in their care.  

There are around 600,000 children in primary schools in NSW in any given year.

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