Take action to reduce the supply of cigarettes

None of us want our kids to start smoking and we all want to support family and friends to quit.

But right now, it’s too easy to start smoking and it's too hard to stop. Cigarettes are available everywhere – tempting young people to pick up the addiction and encouraging smokers to continue to smoke. 

There are almost no limits on who can sell cigarettes and where and when they can be sold. In NSW there are almost 10,000 places supplying cigarettes to our family and friends. Tobacco is as readily available as bread and milk.

This matters because we know that people are more likely to smoke—to start smoking and to keep smoking—when there are more places supplying cigarettes.

We can change this. We're calling on the NSW Government to limit the availability of cigarettes in NSW and make it easier for people to quit and harder for young people to take up smoking. Will you join us? 





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