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Act now to support people with cancer

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it especially tough for people affected by cancer. People affected by cancer shouldn’t have to manage on their own. They urgently need additional specialised support to help them through the emotional trauma and financial hardships of cancer, and the added pressures from the pandemic. 

Ask your Member of Parliament (MP) to support additional help for people with cancer experiencing financial hardship and emotional trauma. 

COVID-19 has added enormous emotional and financial pressures at a time that is already incredibly difficult. 

In regional and rural NSW, where health services are already difficult to access and more costly, it has been especially distressful. 

A cancer diagnosis costs a household at least $43,000.  People living in regional and remote areas, face the added cost of travelling far from home to access cancer treatment.

It can be so expensive that one in five people with cancer living in regional NSW skip care because of out-of-pocket costs. 

Cancer Council NSW has asked the NSW Government to fund additional and urgent financial and mental health support for people with cancer. We need your help. Ask your local MP to support: 

  • Additional cancer-specific counsellors,
  • Additional financial counsellors for people with cancer,
  • Increasing the government subsidy to reduce the out-of-pocket costs to access cancer treatment,
  • Changing the unfair situation where people living in regional and rural communities are excluded from financial help to access clinical trials for new cutting-edge cancer treatments.

How you can help: Complete the form on this page. You can edit or add to the letter in the form. If you have a personal experience of cancer that you would like to share, it may help your local MP better understand the issue.  

Everyone is entitled to respectful communication. Cancer Council NSW is a strong advocate on behalf of people affected by cancer, and we always aim to conduct our advocacy in a positive and constructive way. 

Once you click “submit”, your letter will be sent to the MP representing your local area.