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Take action on vaping

The Federal Government has announced strong action on tobacco and vaping, now it’s time for New South Wales to step up and support these reforms.

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E-cigarette use (or vaping) among our young people is rapidly rising, with over 80% of young people in Australia saying that they found it easy to get their hands on them. People who vape are three times as likely to go on to smoke compared to those that don’t vape. Despite decades of progress in tobacco control, we are facing a new generation addicted to nicotine. Vaping also exposes children and young people to serious health risks including poisoning, seizures, burns, lung injury and adverse effects on blood pressure, heart rate and lung function.


Cancer Council NSW applauds the decisive action announced by the Australian Government on May 2nd, 2023, to safeguard our success as world leaders in tobacco control and stop a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine. The Australian Government have listened to the public health and medical evidence and responded to the concerns of parents, teachers, and the community by acting to protect young people, smokers, and users.


Further to this, in September 2023, the NSW Government announced 6.8 million to crackdown on vaping and illegal vape sellers. In addition to enhanced enforcement, the NSW Government will increase support for young people addicted to vaping. It’s great to see this advocacy win in NSW, however, we need to continue to advocate and build on what we have achieved so far.


Allowing vapes to flood our community has opened the gateway for some retailers to blatantly flout the laws and sell illegal vapes, alongside lollies and snacks. These comprehensive vaping and smoking reforms aim to reduce access to e-cigarettes by stopping the import of non-prescription e-cigarettes, banning disposable vapes and strengthening the prescription model for those trying to quit smoking.


The new federal and state measures to tackle vaping and tobacco smoking must be implemented as soon as practically possible to address this growing issue.  I support Cancer Council NSW and add my voice, calling for the NSW Government to act quickly and decisively for the health of our children and young people by:

  • Working collaboratively with the Australian Government to support and urgently implement the vaping reforms,
  • Cracking down on illegal retail sales and warehousing of nicotine vaping products,
  • Coordinating action across government portfolios including Health, Premiers Office, Education, Police and Small Business,
  • Investing in and communicating evidence-based cessation support options for young people experiencing nicotine addiction.

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Every day we delay action, is another day more children, young people and non-smokers become addicted to vapes. NSW legislation and enforcement efforts must be aligned with the national reforms announced to ensure children and young people in NSW are protected from illegal vapes.

Yours sincerely,  

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